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In 1980 Gabriel Sanchez, Barbara Sanchez and Leland Hemming founded Advanced ElectroMagnetics, Inc to supply the industry with high performance absorbing materials. Collectively, Anechoic Systems has over 40 years of experience. 

Anechoic System LLC continues the collaboration efforts of the founders of Advanced ElectroMagnetics, Inc which has allowed them to expand and build on their extensive technical knowledge and experience. We left the manufacturing industry to pursue our goal of offering superior service and design utilizing the best materials the world has to offer. This has lead to better quality products to suit each individual customer's needs for the best possible performance.

Mr. Leland Hemming continues to provide us his expertise in design and technology. He has been granted 12 patents in the field of applied electromagnetics, including antennas, radomes, electromagnetic shielding, and anechoic chambers. He has published numerous papers in these technical fields. His book Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook, published in 1991 by the IEEE Press, now in its second printing, is extensively used as a training manual in the shielding industry. John Wiley and Sons released his latest book, Electromagnetic Anechoic Chambers, a Fundamental Design and Specification Guide.



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